Lynnhurst United Church of Christ


Lynnhurst United Church of Christ has a rich history that spans a total of 154 years. Records in the possession of the congregation indicate that the church originated near the southeast corner of Manslick and Palatka Roads in 1851. Several years later, with assistance from Salem Reformed Church (then located at 18th & Prentice Streets; now known as Salem UCC on Newburg Road) the church moved to the northeast corner of Taylor Blvd. & Bluegrass Av. (a Rite Aid drugstore stands at that location today). The church was known at that time as St. John's German Evangelical Lutheran Church. In 1906 the congregation decided to move the church home from that location to its third home which was located at 1060 Lynnhurst Avenue. That church still stands today. It was at that time that the church was given the name South Louisville Reformed Church. After the Reformed Church in the United States merged with the Evangelical Synod of North America in 1934, the name of the church changed to Lynnhurst Evangelical & Reformed Church. In 1938 land was purchased as the church decided to make its fourth and final move from Lynnhurst Avenue to 4401 Taylor Blvd. Since the Parish Hall dedication on 20-22 APR 1952 (First Unit of New Building) there have been two more additions to the current building. The Second Unit was constructed beginning in 1955 which included the Sanctuary. This year (2005) marks the 50th anniversary of this addition to our church property. In 1957 the United Church of Christ was formed, and it was at that time this location became known as 'Lynnhurst United Church of Christ.' On June 25th of this year we will celebrate 48 years of association with the United Church of Christ. The Third Unit and last major addition to the church property was the Educational Wing and Fellowship Hall (gym) which took place in 1961. In 2001 to mark the 150th anniversary of our church home the congregation took on an initiative titled 'Capital Faith' to upgrade and improve several areas of the church.

Parish Hall (Dedicated on 20-22 APR 1952). The church office and several classrooms are located in this building today.

Our third church home (located on Lynnhurst Av.)

The corner stones from our first two church homes (located on the wall across from Pastor Bob's office).